Re: Dec 6 Telstar 401 observations

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Dec 05 2005 - 21:19:38 EST

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    Here are my obs from this evening (a while ago).  They 
    were made from the campus of the Univ. of Texas at Austin 
    (30.286N, 97.739W, 150 meters).  Conditions were slightly
    cloudy with very thin cirrus haze, plus moonlight and 
    local light pollution.  These were all seen with just my
    (corrected) one-power eyes.
    Telstar 401 (93-077A, 22927); 2005 December 6 UTC
    -----  0:29:15.30  zero mag.?
    94.50  0:30:52.67  +1.2 (e.g., Fomalhaut, alpha Piscis Austrini)
    94.43  0:32:27.10  +1.0 (or brighter?)
    94.46  0:34:01.56  +1.5
    94.64  0:35:36.20  +1.2 (e.g., Fomalhaut, alpha Piscis Austrini)
    94.52  0:37:10.72  +2.0 
    next one not seen but somewhat distracted by HST flare
    next one not seen
    This may be my last opportunity for a while (long time?), 
    as it's getting into twilight, and later this week is 
    predicted to be cloudy here.
    Saturday evening was my last sighting of Fleetsatcom 1 Rk
    (12908, 78-016B).  Sunday evening's predicted pass was much
    too early in twilight and too low in the sky, and it didn't
    last long after that (if that one even happened).
    First possible re-entry here tonight -- nothing seen.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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