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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Dec 08 2005 - 12:22:24 EST

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    Daniel Deak wrote:
    > > Since the B designation was assigned to the Titan IVB 2nd
    > > stage, and since the object in question probably is an 
    > > unacknowledged second payload, I suggest calling it 99028C / 25746.
    > > 
    > > Ted Molczan
    > Hi Ted,
    > I agree. And also the object should be named USA 144 DEB.
    I am less concerned about the name we assign it, than I am about the
    international designation and catalogue number. 
    I believe there is now general agreement that the object in question is not USA
    144. Also, I believe there is general agreement that its orbital perturbations
    and optical behaviour (it rotates) suggests that it is debris-like. A low mass
    decoy could also appear debris-like, and some folks, including myself, have come
    to believe that it probably is a decoy. I doubt there is general agreement on
    whether it is debris or a decoy, so it reasonable to expect some folks to
    include "debris" in their name for the object, and others to include "decoy".
    I have just looked at Mike's latest orbital elements updates, and I see that he
    has adopted my recommendation for 99028C / 25746, and is using the name "USA 144
    Deb". I will call it "Misty 2 Decoy".
    Ted Molczan
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