Re: Superbird A (89-041A, 20040) on Dec. 15

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Thu Dec 15 2005 - 03:26:02 EST

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    The period IS 22+ seconds. We are seeing two surfaces,
    inclined 89+ and 91- degrees from the rotation axis.
    I believe this the front and back of BOTH solar panels.
    Your notes seem consistent with seeing first the front side
    reflection, then as the phase angle has changed ~1 degree
    the back side reflection dominates.
    But, I agree that it would be reasonable that 22 second period
    from the back would be seen for a longer time, since these
    flashes should be more scattered? However, if the first 
    ones are from the back, the brightest flash would appear later?!
    > I'm not sure which of these two PPAS reports is technically
    > correct.  (I think that since it begins with three 22+ second 
    > cycles, probably 22+ seconds is the actual flash period.  The
    >PPAS data-entry software decided on two versus three decimal
    >places in the flash period.)
    >89- 41 A 05-12-15 03:05:15.7 EC  243.3 0.1  11 22.12  +3.5->i
    >89- 41 A 05-12-15 03:05:15.7 EC  243.3 0.1  22 11.058 +3.5->i
    >I was puzzled that it didn't end with at least one 22-second 
    >cycle.  I believe that the third flash may have been the very 
    >brightest one.
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