Re: Delta 1 R/B #04903 or 71-009B ?

From: ykchia (
Date: Fri Dec 16 2005 - 10:28:06 EST

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    Ed Cannon wrote:
    >yK, check for ETS 6 (94-056A, 23230 -- also called Kiku 6).  It 
    >has been known to flash to as bright as +3 magnitude at apogee 
    >(beyond 35,000 km), and the period is very near 9 seconds as 
    >measured very recently by Steve LaLumondiere.  It appears that 
    >it was only a few degrees from 04903, 71-009B, which seems to be 
    >an old Delta.
    Hello Ed:
    RIGHT on  - it was ETS.  I am +8 hrs ahead of UT.  I have posted the 
    simple images there..
    Thanks a lot!!!
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