Late night - 28237 or MDS 1 x3 flashes ~ 25 second

From: ykchia (
Date: Wed Dec 21 2005 - 11:17:21 EST

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    Hi folks:
      2005 Drawing to an end soon, I was plague with very bad weather  
    anyway I tried my luck.   Dec 20 - after seeing a nice meteor pass, i 
    caught a unsuspecting  late nite flashing satellite (again) by accident. 
    What is interesting is soon after i did the skymap plot and check the 
    timing and at least x3 positions matches
    MDS 1 Fairing 1 or  02003D, 28237 was never reported with double digit 
    timing.... 25 sec seems far-stretched...than the 'typical' 8+ sec. The 
    flash seen here was > +3. My LM was no better than +4.... so i was 
    suspecting the video detection missed some.... but not missing that 
     Then Ed Cannon came to my rescue.. he did have some data on 2003 
    showing a sequences of 24+ sec... ( close enought to 25 secs... hard 
    disk file saving overheads perhaps..)
       Details  posted in  - after the 
    meteor stuff...
     What is the reason   reported timing which is x2 ( double) the 
    fundamental timing.. and in this case x3 ( x3x8=24)... in general 
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