Re: NASA requesting Stardust reentry observations

From: Roger (
Date: Tue Dec 27 2005 - 16:47:03 EST

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    > However, there are certain data that can only be obtained by observations
    > from various geographic locations, such as brightness variation with
    > changing geometry to determine temperature distribution across the
    > heatshield, and observing the reentry with the Moon as a backlight to
    > study development of the hot wake behind the vehicle. More details of  the
    > reentry and observations requested, including a Skymap trajectory file,
    > are at the following page. The Moon transit info will be more complete in
    > the next day or so.
    Well, I guess this means I'll have to do a quick trip somewhere south.
    The weather doesn't cooperate too well with us in the NW, so I'll take a
    close look on the weather that week.  Medford OR is about 3 hours south of
    me.  Coos bay could be another direction to go.   Klamath Falls would
    probably be a good place too.  Eugene has a good chance, but I'm not too
    confident with the weather.
    I'm in Eugene OR. 44.0520 N, 123.0860 W
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