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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Dec 02 2013 - 08:37:00 UTC

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    Me again -- in between measuring :-((
    I just tried Simones program again and downloaded 
    the Spacetrack data and this time all the satellites are
    there so I dont know whats going on. Looking at the 
    sizes of the files automatically created by Simones
    program I find ( and archived by the program
    automatically) :
    Catalog_2013_11_27.txt  5445 KB
    Catalog_2013_11_28.txt  3714 KB
    Catalog_2013_12_02.txt  4190 KB
    Looking at earlier catalogs saved in the Archive 
    directory the file size seems to be usually around
    5445 KB and sometimes has all objects launched
    (and decayed) and sometimes not (still same
    file size!) so Im confused -anyway at the moment 
    I seem to have a reasonably complete catalog but 
    of course other satellites might be missing - Im 
    not going to check everything in orbit to see if all
    So Im puzzled but Im easily puzzled nowadays!
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