TDRS 11 Rocket , 2013-04 B , exhibiting a 20.10s rotation period

From: Alain Figer (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2013 - 21:25:50 UTC

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    I followed photographically this rocket for nearly a quarter of an hour, on 16 DEC 2013 , near Beta ARI, using a 400mm teleobjective and 6-sec duration poses (110 photos centered at 19.6 h TU).
    I discarded a preceding series performed using a 200mm teleobjective.
    The maxima are sharp and bright whereas the minima are flat and quite faint. The double of the photometric period turned out to be 20.10 sec, from 42.5 consecutive periods.
     According to Calsky, the Height above Earth was of about 32000 km during the pass and the angular velocity of 0.20'/s .
    Info from Calsky database :
    Name: TDRS 11 Rocket
    Brightness: 4.1 mag (at 1000 km, 50% illuminated)
    6.5 mag (at perigee, full illumination)
    Mean magnitude from radar observations
    RCS: 12m2 (Radar cross section)
    USSPACECOM Nr: 39071 Internat. Designator: 2013-004B
    Orbit: 4173 x 34628 km, 11.44h Inclination: 25.5°
    N.B. I decided to watch TDRS11 rocket, as I had also observed TDRS 10 rocket (2002-55B) as a nice flasher before.          
    48.67 N ; 2.13 E ; 170m a.s.l.
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