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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2013 - 14:48:17 UTC

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    Hi Kevin and Jon
    Thanks for the attempts to identifiy - quite happy to accept that the one 
    unknown was a Cartosat-
    must have missed this when I was checking. The other object - well such a short 
    arc wont produce
    much with any real meaning, especially if its in an elliptical orbit - frankly I 
    wouldnt even go and
    have a look at a computed orbit unless it was really worth while - eg bright etc 
    and this object was
    quite variable.  Nowadays I tend to ignore unknowns as we have too much too keep 
    track of so when
    an object is faint Im happy to let it slip through the cracks. The measures were 
    done using a very
    wide field of view and the trails were poor and difficult to determine ends etc 
    and of course the
    bright full moon and city glare did not help matters.
    However I greately appreciate your efforts.
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