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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 - 12:40:42 UTC

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    Thanks Marco -- I did actually look at this briefly when I first started running 
    Windows 8
    but never followed it up - I hoped there was a simpler solution as Im lazy. I 
    quite like
    Windows 8 now that Ive got used to it but so far am not using it for any 
    satellites although
    programs like GUIDE, HEAVENSAT etc run with no trouble. So guess Ill have to do 
    little homework with using a virtual machine - I even got as far as downloading 
    the free
    XP version from the Micorsoft site but appear to have lost interest after that 
    > Hi Greg,
    > Install a virtual machine with Xp and run it in that environment. I have to do 
    > that on my W7 64-bits laptop as well with several satellite-related programs, 
    > including the astrometric program I use. It works for most, but unfortunately 
    > not all pre-W7 software.
    > - Marco
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