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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 - 13:47:34 UTC

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    Hi anyone interested...
    To save people wasting any more time , Mike has computed an orbit but has 
    strange time residuals...... uhmmmmm ..... the lens used has something like 18 
    internal lens surfaces and is very prone to producing starlike images so that if 
    a bright star is in the field of view the "satellite"  produced will move in the 
    opposite direction to the stars moving , so for the moment I suspect it is NOT a 
    real satellite . Ill have to check and see if there is a possible source of
    "contamination" - sure looks like a real satellite but then I have been caught 
    at least three times in the past and is one of the reasons why I dont normally 
    use this NIKON lens -- very expensive, nice qaulity images but unreliable for 
    satellite work because of internal reflections.
    So dont waste time  on it :-))
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