Re: anomalies - in orbit or not?

Date: Tue Dec 24 2013 - 01:29:02 UTC

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    On 12/23/2013 7:44 PM, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
    > Many of these seem to have reentry dates later than the most recent TLE -
    > they reentered in the last few weeks and their TLEs stopped at that time. So
    > I don't see the problem.
    hummm... i'll have to look again... when i checked them the other day, the decay 
    dates were older than the latest TLEs... this was before we talked about those 
    other entries off list :)
    > There are some like 30381 where an object was lost, issued a decay date, and
    > then the catalog number was (EVILLY) reused for another object which is still
    > in orbit.
    ewww... that's an interesting piece of information :)  it is also actually one 
    of those i found to be fairly peculiar in that the decayed date was back in 2007 
    but yet we still have TLEs being issued from the owner... i'll try to tighten up 
    on my processing of items like this... so far it has been a completely manual 
    operation of grepping for certain things and them digging thru numerous files 
    and catalogs to try to correlate the findings...
    > In the particular case of 30381 the object is now listed as in orbit on
    > space-track, but I failed to catch that change in my own lists - I'll update
    > it when I refresh my web site in January.
    not a problem, sir :)
    i have several catalogs that i try to work off of... i selected yours for my 
    program for various reasons... this is why i try to share things that i find 
    with you ;)
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