AEROCUBE 4, 4.5A and 4.5B

From: Ciprian Sufitchi (
Date: Wed Dec 25 2013 - 08:19:03 UTC

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    Hello and Happy Holidays!
    I tried to retrieve TLEs for 38767, 38768, 38769 (AEROCUBE 4, AEROCUBE 4.5A
    and AEROCUBE 4.5B) from space-track web site but I couldn't find them. In
    fact I couldn't see TLEs for any object related to that launch (Sep 13,
    2012). It is likely that TLEs are classified because all objects were
    supposed to share the same orbit as USA 238 (NROL-36, 38758) which was the
    primary payload.
    Does anyone have any suggestion how I could find some reliable orbital
    elements for those Aerocube satellites?
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