Re: working with obsreduce

Date: Fri Dec 27 2013 - 16:25:17 UTC

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    On 12/27/2013 3:22 AM, Giuseppe N. Gerbore wrote:
    > Is this snapshot fron Stellarium, or... ?
    i posted the image out of frustration... trying to figure out which sets of 
    numbers to use... each that i tried showed me a sky that was all out of whack 
    and didn't match... i figured out that the RA/DE J2000 set is what i need to use 
    as well as making sure that the Az/Alt match...
    i finally found what was wrong... what i was seeing, as noted above, was that 
    the sky wasn't right when looking at stellarium's screen and what obsreduce 
    produced when plotting the chosen object... even the track was not the same... i 
    suddenly realized that i had used the same location entries as i had for all my 
    other apps...
    the problem was the longitude, while negative everywhere else, has to be 
    positive in obsreduce... granted, this is noted in the documentation... i had 
    set it correctly at one point in time but evidently i edited the wrong file at a 
    later time... once i corrected this and made sure that all apps are using the 
    same TLE file, my results got a whole lot better and much closer to what i was 
    expecting to see :)
    now to try to get all apps using the same files so i don't have to keep copying 
    them all over the place ;)
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