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Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 10:58:31 UTC

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    > when i was working with the molniya TLEs the other day, i noted that molniya
    > 3-45 (22729 1993-049A) had an 83km perigee... i thought to my self that that one
    > wouldn't be up for very much longer... then within 36 hours, i started seeing
    > reports of a fireball being reported to the AMS (American Meteor Society)...
    > looking at space-track, i don't see anything around the time noted in the video
    > neither have i looked at any ground plots to see if this object might have been
    > a molniya or possibly another manmade object...
    > video:
    > AMS reports:
    > so i thought i'd share this with the list and see what shakes out ;)
    This was a meteoric fireball. It was much too fast for a reentry and moved 
    East-West, i.e. the wrong direction for a prograde satellite. No re-entry 
    candidate in the TIP either.
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