RE: Tumbling Atlas 5 Centaur rocket body?

Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 12:02:33 UTC

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    Hi Paul,
    we have more than 70 reports in our DB for this object:
    The following one is from Brad Young who estimated the rotation 
    period to 15.2 s on last September.
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    >Ogg: Tumbling Atlas 5 Centaur rocket body?
    >I saw a pass over Canberra, Australia last night by 30778 - which
    > lists as a Atlas 5 Centaur rocket body.
    >While I observed the pass, I noticed a regular decrease/increase in
    >brightness of the object. Am I correct in assuming that this means the
    >object is tumbling or rotating?
    >Thanks for any replies.
    >Paul Floyd.
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