Re: ST OBS Dec 28th, 2013: w/ 4 UNIDS

From: Scott Tilley (
Date: Mon Dec 30 2013 - 03:25:52 UTC

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    On 12/29/2013 6:22 PM, wrote:
    > hey, i got one right:)   now i know that my process works... i just have to
    > figure out what is being done to determine some aspects...
    > is there any software that can "replay" observations and plot the track against
    > a star background with indicators where each observation point was made?
    >> >running about 43 seconds early on the current Spacecom elset (which is 7 days
    >> >old).
    > interesting... now to figure out how you determined the time difference;)
    > -- 
    Yes there is.  I use a piece of software written by Cees to do the obs 
    plotting.  I'm not sure of a Windows equivalent but I'm sure someone has 
    Here's an example:
    Now you want to compute residuals.  Again we have some software in Linux 
    to do this.  But also Windows too.
    Here's how to do it.
    Get SATFIT from here:
    Next grab the TLE you figure the UNID matches (insert Black Magic) paste 
    the TLE into the sats.txt file followed by the obs you wish to compare. 
    execute satfit.exe and hit 'f'.
    The following should display:
    Note the DeltaT column.
    Note: I have obscured the TLE as it was obtained from Space Track to 
    comply with their rules and that of this list.
    If yo haven't found Heavensat yet you should as it can help ID things 
    really fast as it can display all the objects in the catalog at once and 
    you can scroll back and forth in time.
    Hope this helps.
    Scott Tilley
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