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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 08:24:47 -0500
On 2019-12-20 07:33, C. Bassa via Seesat-l wrote:
> Starliner supposedly had an off-nominal insertion, and it is unclear
> if it is still in orbit, and if so, in what orbit. There is very
> little hard data coming from the Boeing and NASA control centers.
> Observers in the South of the US would have visibility at the end of
> its first orbit, expected around 13:10UTC. Use TLEs from Marco
> Langbroek from an earlier post
> (

The latest report is that the solar panels have been extended.

The next NASA news conference on this is scheduled for 9:00 AM EST.


> Starliner is likely to be in a very low orbit, so would be moving
> across the sky at a higher rate than typical satellites.
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