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From: Jake Rees (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 16:52:16 PST

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    Ted Pittman wrote:
    >A few days ago, I caught Mir in the daytime with my wife's camcorder. That
    >was easy.
    Bruno Tilgner wrote:
    >It would be interesting to know how many degrees the Sun was still above
    >the horizon or how many minutes before sunset it was. I suppose Mir was
    >in the eastern sky.
    I also have been wondering about the details of Ted Pittman's easy
    observation of Mir in the daytime.  Ted, would you tell us more?  I thought
    seeing Mir in the daytime was extremely difficult.  Could you see it naked
    eye?  How high was the sun above the horizon or do you mean twilight with
    the sun just below the horizon?  What was the sky viewing condition?  What
    part of the sky was it in relation to the position of the sun?  What sort of
    magnification was being used with the camcorder?  Was the camcorder a new
    design, perhaps especially light sensitive?
    I can't remember if it was Mir or a Space Shuttle, I think it was a Shuttle
    or Mir/Shuttle docked together that I saw some years ago through binoculars
    low in the east-northeast sky with the sun having set just a few minutes
    earlier in the west.   The pass was roughly SW to NE.   I was surprised to
    see it.
    -- Jake Rees
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