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Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 20:32:39 PST

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    > Has the possibilty of united Mir with the ISS been raised?  I would think
    >  that would be a plus.  
    Connecting the electrical systems would probably be a catastrophic disaster.  
    I read where the launch window for Zayra was intentionally chosen to preclude 
    a docking.  
    >  I also hear speculation that Mir could be orbited
    >  around the Moon - why would they do that? 
    I haven't seen any wire service stories relating to that.  The fuel required 
    to boost a 125 ton object around the moon would probably be more that could 
    be stored on the Mir.  
    >  And off-topic slightly:
    >  Does anyone know if you can get NASA TV without having a dish; i.e., can
    >  you get it from your local Cable company?
    Good cable companies tend to listen to their customers.  Try calling and 
    requesting it.  
    [Venting begins]
    My cable company - Comcast - used to carry NASA TV whenever there was a 
    shuttle mission.   After STS-95 (the mission with John Glenn) they dropped 
    it.  The assembly of a space station is apparently not worthy enough to 
    occupy one of the 450 channels that they provide.  I have complained via 
    telephone, e-mail and snail mail without a response.  
    [Venting ends]
    I put together some webcast links to NASA-TV at:
    The webcast itself is about 30-60 delayed from a real-time transmission 
    (buffer) but at least you don't have to depend on the cursed cable company. 
    There are also links to listen to the voice communication frequencies. 
    Don Gardner  39.1796 N, 76.8419 W, 34m ASL
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