Re: Mir Question

From: Patrice Gambaro (
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 14:07:32 PST

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    > -Mir is coming down in the Pacific--I certainly dont know of any way its
    Maybe not, not soon anyway. According to an article in today's paper, a Progress
    cargo ship was launched last tuesday with 2 tons of fuel, water, food, parts,
    etc. Also, the atmospheric pressure inside Mir will be re-established.
    All that for a scheduled manned mission that should begin March 31; it will be
    the 28th expedition and will last 45 days. The article also says that if
    financially possible, the mission will be extended until August and there may be
    a 29th expedition.
    Is that good news or bad news ? Is Mir in too bad a shape to be used again ?
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