Re: Mir Question

Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 18:54:47 PST

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    oh sorry!:) I was too unclear:
    I am aware of the upcoming MIR mission- an American company called Golden 
    Apple inc. (i think thats its name) gave them $20million to keep MIR up until 
    August. But either way, MIR is certain to come down within the next 2 years. 
    If the Russians keep giving money to MIR, and not the ISS, NASA will cut them 
    loose from the ISS program. If NASA does this, I believe the Russian Space 
    Agency will 'come back' and 'show NASA' they can build the ISS.
         This is my guess, but we'll see what happens!
    And yes, MIR is crumbling. They are endangering themselves by sending manned 
    missions up there. -Ben 40.57770N, 73.9480W
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