Cosmos 2369R & C 2369 UNK Obs

Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 19:22:07 PST

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    When i got the latest elsets of recently launched sats from Mike McCants'
    site i noticed several UNK's listed but with Cosmos 2369's numbers which
    indicated they are part of that launch. So i checked to see when they would
    pass by. Rather than have UNK this and UNK that, i named them C 2369 C, D, E
    and G. What F was, who knows?
    Anyway at 01:28:38 7 Feb UTC +/- 2 sec, object C 2369 D #26074 00006D passed
    approx 3 deg above (S) Alkaid in Ursa Major. Mag 3 est in Aurora haze in
    that part of the sky. A little over half an hour later Cosmos 2369 Rk #26070
    00006B passed just slightly above Alkaid at 02:00:55 UTC +/- 2 sec. Mag 3.5
    under increasing haze. A few minutes later i looked for Cosmos 2369 #26069
    00006A but the haze prevented any obs of it.
    Later on when the other UNKs, C 2369 C #26073 00006C, C 2369 E #26075 00006E
    and C 2369 G #26077 00006G came by i looked for them both at 1X and 10x50
    but nothing was seen with haze still around and the objects expected to
    enter shadow shortly after coming within my line of sight. 
    Also i had a nice -8 flare by IR 32 #24945 97051B at 02:06:27. 
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