Re: Satellite tracking

Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 20:37:19 PST

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    It looks like the video I have is NOT of Mir after all.
    As best as I can reconstruct my data, it was the ISS (#25544) and the date 
    was Jan.8 at 18:45 MST. The satellite was at 63 degrees elevation and 44 
    degrees azimuth (R.A. 03:25:17, Dec. +49 degrees 51'39"). Its track as 
    NW-NE-ESE and it had a magnitude of  -0.1. (per
    Sunset was 17:37:30 according to my Epoch2000 software. 
    It looks like I won't get another opportunity to view the ISS until Feb. 15 
    at 19:33 when it should be in my SE at an elevation of 54 degrees and 
    magnitude +0.1.  You can bet I'll have every camera I have pointed at it 
    then. And I'll take better records.
    Thanks for checking the accuracy of my earlier report. 
    Ted Pittman
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