OIG/GSFC correction of shorten v41#01 SSR released today--changes noted

From: John Gardner (gardjw@juno.com)
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 13:38:59 PST

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    Hello All,
    February 7, 2000  2138 UTC
    RE: Update on monthly changes of OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report
    This is an OIG/GSFC correction for shorten file released February 4, 2000
    Note: There have been _changes_ to several items previously reported.
    Re-cataloged objects are those which the launch ID number has been
    assigned to a NORAD number designation _different_ than the original.
    Significant name changes are defined as those clearly not same object.
    In other cases, name is similar, but generally more precise in nature.
    Per current OIG/GSFC Satellite Situation Report release of Feb 7, 2000
    Feb 2000    41/01 & 40/12   3 recatalog items / 15 name changes
    The following listings are of discrepancies and/or corrections found in
    comparison of the Satellite Situation Reports January '00 v41#01 and
    December '99 v40#12  Note: No search made for launch/decay date
    Comparison was restricted to the COSPAR (international launch item #).
    The 2nd item of each set is from current report.  6 re-catalogs found.
    NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG
    11607U   SCOUT G-1 DEB              1979-094C   02/22/80
    11607U   N-1 R/B(1)                 1979-009B   02/10/79   *
    24656U   MARS 96 R/B                1996-064B   03/18/97
    24656U   MARS 96 R/B                1996-064A   11/18/96   *
    25776U   N-1 R/B(2)                 1979-009B
    25776U   N-1 R/B(2)                 1979-009C              *
    Comparison was restricted to NAME applied to object. The 2nd item of
    each set is from current report.    15 name changes found / 7 significant
    NORAD    NAME                       COSPAR      DECAYED    FLAG
    11607U   SCOUT G-1 DEB              1979-094C   02/22/80
    11607U   N-1 R/B(1)                 1979-009B   02/10/79   *
    25490U   TAURUS R/B(3)              1998-055B
    25490U   TAURUS R/B                 1998-055B              * (now only 1
    25593U   COSMOS 2362                1998-077A
    25593U   COSMOS 2362 (GLONASS)      1998-077A              * (variant)
    25594U   COSMOS 2363                1998-077B
    25594U   COSMOS 2363 (GLONASS)      1998-077B              *
    25595U   COSMOS 2364                1998-077C
    25595U   COSMOS 2364 (GLONASS)      1998-077C              *
    25725U   CENTAUR R/B                1999-023B
    25725U   TITAN 4B CENTAUR R/B       1999-023B              *
    25992U   USA 147 DEBRIS             1999-067B
    25992U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067B              *
    25993U   USA 147 DEBRIS             1999-067C
    25993U   DMSP F15 DEB               1999-067C              *
    25995U   CENTAUR R/B                1999-068B
    25995U   ATLAS 2A CENTAUR R/B       1999-068B              *
    26036U   DELTA 1 R/B DEB            1975-052KA
    26036U   DELTA 1 DEB                1975-052KA             *
    Note: Of the 5 others each were minor syntax changes
    Jan/Dec   00 v41#01/v40#12  3 re-cataloged   7 significant name changes
    Dec/Nov   99 v40#12/v40#11  4 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    Nov/Oct   99 v40#11/v40#10  1 re-cataloged   2 variant name changes
    Oct/Sept  99 v40#10/v40#9   4 re-cataloged   1 significant name change
    Sept/Aug  99 v40#9/v40#8    5 re-cataloged   3 significant name changes
    Aug/July  99 v40#8/v40#7    2 re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    July/June 99 v40#7/v40#6   12 re-cataloged   2 significant name changes
    June/May  99 v40#6/v40#5    O re-cataloged   O significant name changes
    John Gardner,Jr
    Hoarder of TLEs
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