Re: HST orbit

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 16:14:24 PST

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    What kind of orbit is Hubble in such so that it can stay either in morning or 
    >evening for such a long time? -Ben
    Elset below:
    HST             13.3  4.3  0.0  3.0 v   71
    1 20580U 90037B   00006.09022458 +.00001731 +00000-0 +16286-3 0 03127
    2 20580 028.4678 196.8766 0013979 179.7675 180.2920 14.89271554332068
    Inclination is 28.46 degrees.  Mean motion 14.89 revs/day.  I cannot provide
    at this moment all the details but the inclination and mean motion largely
    define how the orbit is perturbed.  This orbit is perturbed such that the
    ascending node regresses westward I believe.  This will be visible in the
    SE then
    more southern culminations finally in the SW.  Hopefully others will propide
    more details or a web site that discusses these issues.
    Ron Lee
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