Re: Globalstar Burn Obs

From: Tyler MacKenzie (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 16:18:04 PST

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    I'd also like to thank everyone, especially Dan, for the heads-up on the
    depletion burn.  I dragged out three absolute satellite novices into the
    bitter dark cold saying "you just wait..." and you guys really came through
    for me.  It was such a dark night here at 45.9 -64.4 that we had at least
    +5 limit and the Delta was easy to pick up at 25-30 deg. elev.  By the time
    the last of my group got their binoculars latched on, we still had about 5
    seconds.  One of them said, "hey, looks sort of like a shooting star..."
    then BOOM!  Their socks were knocked off.
    	Technically:  didn't note time, damn bright, lasted c. 20 second
    for the first blast, then a 3? second pause, then let out a small second
    spurt.  Main cloud quickly expanded like a trumpet to >>1 degree, then bent
    slightly, curled over at the outside lip sharply, and strongly resembled a
    2+ degree lily bloom.  the leading "lip" of the bloom came surprisingly
    close (in contact with?) to the four globalstars, which were easily visable
    about 3 degrees due east of the 2nd stage.
    	VERY impressive!
    -Tyler (MTX) 45.885 -64.368
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