Re: Mir Question - Semi-Urgent!

From: Earl Needham (KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG)
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 06:30:37 PST

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    At 10:21 AM 2/8/00 -0600, Russ Johnson wrote:
    >Here's the info on NASA-TV:
    >    NASA-TV is available at no extra cost on both DirecTV and Dish
    Network, but
    >they're running out of capacity on their primary satellites so they put it on
    >their secondary satellites.
    	Silly me!  I had assumed they put NASA TV on their secondary satellite so
    as not to displace PAYING capacity on the primary satellite.  It's quite
    obvious some of their advertising channels could go with little adverse
    	What I want to know is this --
    	I have a complete second Direct TV receiver and dish going unused.  Can I
    simply install this system, point it at the secondary satellite, and
    receive NASA TV?  I wrote to Direct TV feedback and got the following:
    	OK -- if I have a second complete receiver and dish, can I simply point at
    the other sat and receive NASATV?
    Since DIRECTV distributes programming and doesn't manufacture equipment, we
    are not the best source of information about equipment. We suggest you call
    the company that made your equipment. See our website for a list of system
    manufacturers and their phone numbers.
    	I next sent them the following, and I bet I NEVER hear back from them:
    	Let me make sure I understand what you've sent me so far.
    	1.  Congress mandated that "all providers of direct broadcast satellite
    service set aside a portion of their capacity for non-commercial
    programming of an educational and informational nature".
    	2.  Direct TV complied.
    	3.  However, these channels were placed on other than the "primary"
    	4.  These channels cannot be received with the "regular" Direct TV system
    because it isn't pointed in the right place.
    	5.  Since these channels are not on the "primary" satellite, they don't
    take away any capacity that might be used to bring money into Direct TV.
    	6.  When trying to receive these new channels, don't look to Direct TV for
    	Sound right so far?
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