From: geoffh@southlights.gen.nz
Date: Sat Jul 02 2005 - 21:15:44 PDT

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    E.N.> A friend of mine has recently downloaded Log Sat 5.2, and he
    E.N.> thinks he's having a Y2K problem with it.  What's the story on
    E.N.> Log Sat 5.2?  Is it Y2K ready?  If not, is there a later version
    E.N.> available that is?
    Hello Earl and others,
    On the webpage     http://www.netwide.net/logsat
    they say
    Notice - All versions of LogSat Professional prior to v5.2.44
    are NOT Y2K compliant. Please click here[ ] to obtain more
    information (including a problem for some Win98 users). A patch
    (v5.2.47) is available for all commercial versions of LogSat
    Professional v5.2. Users of previous releases will need to
    upgrade to the latest version.  Note that this patch corrects a
    regression error introduced by the previous v5.2.40.
    Oh by the way Earl, I knocked up a WEBPAGE for my alm2tle program.
    Hope that helps, Regards Kiwi Geoff....
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