Picosat observations

From: Stephen D LaLumondiere (Stephen.D.LaLumondiere@aero.org)
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 15:31:30 PST

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    It would be excellent if more observations of the flash period of the two 
    tethered picosats could be made.The two satellites
    were released in an uncontrolled manner, and there are no attitude sensors on 
    board.  As the spacing between the two
    increased,  the tether should have damped most of the recoil (ideally).  The 
    tether was supposed to leave the two satellites
    approximately 100 ft. apart.  Leo's observation seems to point to the 
    possibility that one could use the irregular flash period 
    to isolate the flashes from each satellite.  The larger flat surfaces of each 
    are polished, bare aluminum, and are where the 
    flashes originate.  Any thoughts?
    Thanks and best wishes.
    Steve LaLumondiere
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