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From: Jim Hale (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 06:37:18 PST

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    Yes, I had the same thing happen here. I thought I'd gotten by without a y2k
    problem with Mr Orbit. Before 12/31 it would predict fine into 2000. But
    after the roll over elesets from 2000 give bogus rsults.
    Ive tried afew of the free prediction programs, and none compare to Mr Orbit
    Its simple to use, and you can use it without studying the readme file.
    After trying the others, I miss Mr Orbit.
    I just downloaded SatHunt 201 & will try that in afew days. I'll let you
    know how that works out.
    Heavens-Above is great, but the elesets can be old, and thats a problem with
    some objects.
    If Heavens-Above updated elesets every other day we could sure live wth
    Cloudy in Arkansas, hope it clears up and we can have a good Shuttle pass!
    cul - Jim
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    > I live in central Indiana. I've run the predictions for this month with
    > results.
    > NOAA 15 - checked for every pass - Nothing for February! Surely it passes
    > over SOMETIME during the month.
    > Mir and ISS - checked for visible passes for February. NOTHING. Same for
    > every pass.
    > I've been looking for another program that works much like this one - one
    > that can spew out passes for a whole month at a time. What's out there?
    > And yes, this time I check the date in my computer <g>
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