Re: Paul Maley on Belgian Television

Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 17:16:31 PST

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    Just a quick message concerning the latest minor revision to Satellite
    I noticed that some of the STS-99 TLE's generated with VEC2TLE contained "  "
    in place of the "00" in the epoch. I've added a test for this instance and now
    Satellite Hunting can read both formats.
    I also found that one of the files included with the full download
    "shdocvw.dll" was causing some users problems at installation. I looked into
    this file and found that it was redundant to include it, since it's only
    function was to provide a communication link between Satellite Hunting's
    internal web browser and the user's local copy of Internet Explorer. Since the
    file is always going to appear with IE, I've removed it from the download.
    There will be no adverse effects due to this change and besides avoiding the
    "Access Violation" error, it also reduces the download by 500 KB.
    Satellite Hunting has been fully Y2K compliant since version 2.0.1 and I will
    continue to address the Y2K issues of TLE's where they effect the performance
    of Satellite Hunting.
    <A HREF="">>
    Satellite Hunting 2.0.2 (Y2K compliant!) visible satellite pass prediction
    shareware available for download at
    <A HREF="">
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