Re: Endeavour water dump ?

From: Clement Drolet (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 21:40:28 PST

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    Hello Daniel,
    I'm glad you mentionned it, I was considering changing my lenses! I saw this
    pass from Quebec City. It looked to me as a small round and not so bright
    cloud when the shuttle appeared over the northwestern horizon. Afterwards it
    looked like the trail we are use to see following jet airplanes but it was
    really faint in Quebec City's light polluted sky, the moon was also stealing
    a good part of the show. Nevertheless I figured out that the trail was
    somewhat around 10 degrees in length at maximum. It was almost invisible
    during the descending portion of the pass. I just wish I was at home in a
    less light polluted sky with my binoculars. Anyway I'm glad to have seen
    this sight once in my life.
    Clément Drolet
    Beaumont, Qc
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    Date: 15 février, 2000 21:57
    Subject: Endeavour water dump ?
    >Hi everybody,
    >Tonight (Feb. 15, local) there was a beautiful Shuttle pass culminating at
    >23:11 UTC at 45 deg. elevation to the northeast. Its magnitude reached
    >-3 but what surprised me was that a tail of something was coming out of
    >the Shuttle northward, about 50 to 60 degrees upward. It was about a
    >half degree in length.
    >While viewed head on when it was ascending, it looked straight. But when
    >it passed in front of me, I could clearly see the cloud was being deflected
    >and trailing behind for a few degrees. It lasted for all of the pass.
    >Could it be a water dump ???
    >It was a great sight !
    >Daniel Deak
    >Drummondville, Québec
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