CSIRO Satellite

From: Peter Bennett (striker@zip.com.au)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 04:04:42 PST

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    I'd like to type what I read in the newspaper yesterday. It's a letter to
    the editor in the "Daily Telegraph" in Sydney, Australia on February 5th
    2000. Author: Mark Stevenson, Lane Cove.
    It's long, so I will type the relevant section only.
    - - -
    the CSIRO recently developed a new kind of satellite that can quickly
    orbit Northern Australia at low altitude every 15 minutes. Such a platform
    would excel in surveillance of illegal immigration and smuggling compared
    with an expensive coast guard fleet.
    - - -
    My opinion is, this person is misinformed about this particular type of
    satellite, however if someone, perhaps someone from the CSIRO on this
    mailing list knows about it, they could enlighten us about it.
    Peter Bennett
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