STARSHINE observed

Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 04:43:10 PST

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    STARSHINE has been observed last night and it may be spinning up. Here is
    the report from George Varros.
    "I had a 72 degree high pass two hours ago. It was
    pretty cool.  I video taped it and have 10 flashes!
    There were two groups of two flashes 1/1/2 seconds apart.
    A few flashes occur with Jupiter in the FOV for a good
    light comparison.  
    Station Name: Mount Airy, Maryland George Varros
    UT Date/Time of Observation: 02/15/00 23:34: 2.000 
    Elevation: 35 Azimuth: 280 Magnitude: 0.000
    Observation Method: Video
    10 flashes recorded on PC-23-C video camera with 8mm f/1.2 lens. Flashes
    occurred at:
    23:34:02 dim
    23:34:03.25 dim
    23:34:13 bright
    23:34:19 bright
    23:34:20.5 bright
    23:34:27 bright
    23:34:36.5 bright
    23:34:49 bright
    23:34:56 bright
    23:35:16.5 bright
    It was quite a sight! The close timimg of the '23:34:02 and 23:34:03.25'
    along with the '23:34:19 and 23:34:20.5' flashes may be due to spinup. "
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