Re: shuttle radar visible

Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 16:43:24 PST

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    "Even under optimistic assumptions the apparent angular separation between 
    the shuttle and the radar antenna is below 1 minute of arc"
    Very true. Thinking back on it, the separation was definitely smaller than my 
    earlier "several arcminutes". Field of view was about 25 arcminutes so 1 
    minute is still easy to see. Incidentally, "optimistic assumptions" would 
    presumably apply since the max altitude of the pass was 80 degrees. 
    "This is then the only observation reported of the antenna. Congratulations!"
    I'm surprised by this. It was really easy to see. Has anyone else really 
    tried chasing it at moderate magnification? Perhaps the antenna has been in 
    the shuttle's shadow for other observers... I'm as certain as I can be that 
    it wasn't an optical ghost or reflection. I checked bright stars and Jupiter 
    both before and after the pass, and I was able to see the second object 
    before and after max altitude.
    We're clouded in --big storm coming-- so I couldn't try again tonight.
    -Frank E. Reed
    Chicago, IL
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