Endeavour in blue sky

From: Patrice Gambaro (gambaro@sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 19:13:27 PST

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    Good evening
    Despite the early time, Endeavour was easily visible tonight (feb. 17)
    from my location as it made a pass from 17:38 to 17:47 EST at around 65
    el. in the NE.
    It looked orange against the blue sky and it was brighter than Jupiter.
    Weather permitting, it should be visible as it makes a similar pass
    tomorrow (Feb. 18), from 17:23 to 17:32 EST at almost 90  el. then on
    Feb. 19, from 17:08 to 17:16 EST, around 70 el. in the SW. I wonder if
    it will be still visible that early.
    I got these infos from J-Pass.
    Patrice Gambaro
    45.8379N, 73.9162W
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