What was it?

From: Geoff Hart (hartg@omantel.net.om)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 07:52:51 PST

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    While looking for the Resurs 01 R/B pass here in Oman, I witnessed a
    flashing satellite about 5 degrees to the right of Orions Belt. Was this
    Resurs or some other sat. My location is Ghala, Oman about 10 miles east of
    Muscat and 5 miles inland 23.19.12N  58.13.12E and the sighting was about
    19:34 local time. 15:34 GMT. It was a red colour to the naked eye  but was
    not visible other than that. The flashes were intermittent and somewhere
    around 3 to 5 seconds apart. About four were witnessed and then it
    disappeared. Not sure of the direction as they all seemed to occur in the
    same area.
    22 Feb 2000
    Geoff Hart
    Senior Percussion Instructor
    Band of the Royal Air Force of Oman
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