From: Patrick Curran (pkcurran@iol.ie)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 12:23:15 PST

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    Hi All,
    I know this virus alert is off topic but it seems to be a dangerous strain
    and I have therefore decided to post the warning below.
    It has just been forwarded to me from my wife's computer company.
    >IBM and AOL have just reported that a new virus WOBBLER is on the
    >loose.  It will arrive on an e-mail titled "How to give a Cat a Colonic:.
    >IBM and AOI have announced that it is very powerful, more so than Melissa
    >that there is no known remedy.  This virus will eat all your information on
    >hard drive, and also destroy Netscape and Internet Explorer.
    >Do not open anything with this title and please pass this message on
    >to all your contacts and anyone who uses your e-mail facility.  Not too
    >people seem to know about this yet, so propogate this information as fast
    Regards to all
    Pat Curran
    SE Ireland (Co. Kilkenny)
    52.4369N 6.9761W 80M
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