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From: Richard & Kirsten Fredrick (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 01:47:59 PST

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    Hi Roger,
    The place that I usually go to find out about satellites and associated
    topics is the Satellite Encyclopedia located at:
    I have also found the Satellite Situation Report feature of Rick von
    Glahn's Element Manager for Windows program to be very helpful in
    locating various "pieces" of a particular launch. His program is
    available at:
    Roger Curry wrote:
    > Hi, everybody,
    > I would like to know if there is a database or web site on the Net that gives
    > a little information on the mission of the various satellites.  I think it is
    > far more interesting to observe a satellite you know something about,
    > just like it is more interesting to observe a star if you know its name
    > and something about it.
    > Saw a surpisingly bright pass of Seasat 1 last night.  First time I have
    > logged that one and will add it to my "favorites" list.  That is what
    > has prompted my question.  Also video-taped a -8 Iridium flare (but
    > did not seem to be as bright as another I recorded that was listed
    > as -8), the GRO, and Spot 3 R/B (not naked eye from my site but
    > recordable with low-light video).
    > Good birdwatching!
    > Roger
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