Unidentified observation answers

From: Felix Berthelmann (felix.berthelmann@student.uni-halle.de)
Date: Mon Feb 28 2000 - 04:52:32 PST

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    This is Felix,
    thanks a lot for your answers. I'm sorry that I can't give more
    informations. But I want to make clear that it was not a sky beamer or
    something. We have a few of these devices here in Halle and I know how their
    light looks like.
    And if it was a meteorid broken up under tidal stress a few seconds before
    we saw it, should'nt it have had a tail?
    And if it was a plane (even a military plane). It was very fast and we
    should have heard something ... it was late and the town very quite.... I
    don't know!
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