Re: Shuttle Columbia Lost????

From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 11:33:36 EST

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    On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, David Anderman wrote:
    > Its unclear as to whether the re-entry was nominal up to the moment contact 
    > was lost, or whether there were prior indications of problems. There does 
    > not seem to be any public information as to whether contact was 
    > re-established with Columbia after the blackout period.
    > DWA
    There is no blackout period for the space shuttle.  They can communicate
    through what used to be communication blackouts during Apollo, Gemini &
    Mercury by transmitting up to the TDRSS satellites.  From what I've heard
    (and that isn't much), they were in contact up to the moment it was lost and
    hopefully they will be able to use telemetry to figure out what happened
    reasonably quickly.
    My thoughts are with the 7 crewmembers and their families and friends.
    Jim Scotti
    Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
    University of Arizona
    Tucson, AZ 85721 USA           
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