Shuttle tragedy

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 14:39:53 EST

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    I am in shock having just woken up to hear of the tragedy - it happened
    around 3 a.m. our time and I have mixed feelings about having made the
    decision not to watch the re-entry coverage owing to the lateness of the
    hour after earlier planning to do so.
    As you will have seen from my posts I have followed the shuttle quite
    regularly on NASA-TV and observed it visually several times.   So it seems
    almost like loss of some family- I had gained a great love and respect for
    these wonderful people with their great skill, sense of humour and their
    willingness to help others interested in the space program .
    I introduced several people to the program thru encouraging them to observe
    visually or on NASA-TV and it will no doubt come as a shock to them but also
    they will no doubt have greater respect if they see one of those lights dash
    across the sky.
    My heart goes out to the schoolchildren who had experiments on board and
    will find that both the astronauts they admire so much have gone and that
    the experiments have gone with them.
    Practical things we can do:
    (1) Sign the guestbook at
    with our condolences.
    (2) Notify NASA of any visual observations- posting them in here is
    interesting but it is important to give NASA any information you can.
    (3) Spread the word to anyone in the possible area not to touch any debris
    and to report it to NASA (or if in that area perhaps offer to contact NASA
    for them if they find any.)  NASA has issued a warning that it may be
    dangerous to touch, and there will sadly be the temptation for people to
    "souvenir" fragments.
    (4) Support the kids at any school we know of who were involved with the
    Others may be able to suggest other ways of assisting but those are the ones
    that spring to mind for me.
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