Shuttle reentry normality

Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 09:15:49 EST

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    I have been reading several recent posts alluding to
    observations being reported during the reentry phase.
    For reference you might want to check the accounts I
    have posted of a few of my own past observations at:
    where you can see the typical reentry visual
    characteristics. I have witnessed a number of these
    incredible phenomena and due to the my recent jet lag
    from my last trip to Moscow and the long distance to
    the post sunrise path, I decided not to try for
    STS-107 this time. 
    The glowing fireball can be rather deceptive since it
    looks rather like a meteor. Without recording the
    reentry on video, visual observations should be
    considered suspect especially from first time
    I have seen a cloud similar to the debris cloud shown
    on  radar in connection with the external tank
    reentry. Here the lighter fragmented material is
    suspended at high altitude for hours. I plan to post
    this photo shortly on the same site.
    Paul D. Maley
    29.6049N, 95.1069W, alt.6m
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