RE: [SHALLOW] Shuttle Reentry Observations

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 19:56:13 EST

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    well it could and probably does "jive" with the observations. If there were
    any trailing particles at all then there was some sort of disintegration
    going on over California. Normal reentries don't have any particles coming
    off the Shuttle. I have seen and photographed a reentry in the same lighting
    conditions, elevation, and distance from landing, and they don't have
    particles flying off. The particles could have been a few tiles peeling off
    and the sensors were knocked out by the blowtorch entering the wing through
    a small but expanding hole with no apparent change in aerodynamics until it
    really blew out.
    The pressure at that part of the entry is not great, less than 10lbs per
    square foot, even though a lot of heat is being generated by the great speed
    of the thin air so things are not being blown off the wing but melted.
    Just my theory.
    > On Sun, 2 Feb 2003 16:01:38 -0500, you ("Woody Emanuel"
    > <>)
    > wrote:
    > >The left wing elevon sensors are the ones that cut out.
    > >But that gives about seven minutes until loss of contact
    > >during which time NASA reports all flight characteristics
    > >were perfectly normal. That doesn't jive with disintegration
    > >starting seven minutes earllier over California.
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