STS-107 from Mt. Hamilton pictures posted

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 16:51:45 EST

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    Hello all.
    It's been a very busy 36 hours trying to get data reduced and info to NASA
    on the video and pictures I took.
    The two still photos I took from Mt. Hamilton (right next to the 40" dome at
    Lick Observatory -- coords  N37 20.498'  W121 38.579'  Alt 4230feet WGS84
    datum) have been scanned (rather poorly by myself, I might add!) and
    annotated.  I've posted them at:
    Click on "Astronomy Stuff" album.
    I won't speculate at this point -- we've had quite enough of that already.
    Let's just say the photos, videos and eyewitness accounts definitely show
    that something was amiss while COLUMBIA was over California.  With this
    being my 4th observed reentry, I have a lot of experience looking over
    photos and videos that I've taken and nothing unusual showed on the previous
    Funny thing was, several of us who saw STS-107 Saturday morning didn't see
    anything we would call really "unusual" using the naked-eye .  The only
    comments were that the "color" seemed a bit off, perhaps more "orange", but
    that could be explained by a variety of causes.  Only later when we looked
    at the video and developed the slides did we see something funny was going
    on.  This leads me to believe that the average eye-witness in California may
    not have seen something going on when in fact it was.  Hooray for video
    cameras.  (Just ask Rodney King!)
    More later.
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