RE: Normal Shuttle Reentry

From: Harald Edens (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 12:04:08 EST

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    I forgot to say, assuming that it was a tile striking his house.  For some 
    reason I was thinking about the debris being a tile, so please disregard my 
    remark.  Sorry.
    >Yes that's suspicious... but might be true.  I have heard of no-one 
    >finding any tiles, actually.  These things are so brittle that I think 
    >they get smashed to very little pieces at impact with the ground over 100 
    >mph.  The places where they do remain in one piece are probably over water 
    >and soft ground (woods?) where they can remain unnoticed longer.  If such 
    >a tile strikes a house or a road there may not be much left of it.  But 
    >yes, it would be strange that nothing was found at all, not even small pieces.
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