current elements for Progress M-47

From: Krosney, Bill (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 16:46:03 EST

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    Have a very favourable pass of the ISS this evening (Feb.04, 2003  00:50 UT)
    over central Canada.
    Wondering if the Progress supply shipped will have docked by then, or will
    it be following/preceding, and how far behind/ahead?
    Tried to get current element set for 27681 from OIG, but my account has been
    dormant for a long time and is in the process of being reactivated.  Can
    someone supply a current elset for 27681?
    Thanks in advance.
    As an aside, let me say that all sat enthusiasts are space enthusiasts at
    heart, and whether American, Israeli, Canadian, or ther nationality we are
    all part of an international commuity.  I share with them all a great
    sadness at the loss of the 7 astronauts.  Let's hope their lives were not
    loss in vain.
    ... Bill
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