RE: Cannot get Rick's photos

From: Tim Rogers (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 00:21:36 EST

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    >I believe the answer is yes, but are Rick's the same or
    >different from the ones reported -- but not shown yet to
    >my knowledge -- in the San Francisco Chronicle?
    California crackpot with Photoshop, I'll wager.
    Furthermore, I'll bet that those photos are never released because the
    person can not doctor them enough to make them look credible to the trained
    eyes at NASA.
    >FWIW, here's the alleged photo (mentioned on DSat) of a
    >crack in the Shuttle's wing.  The Italian caption is "Il
    >giornale israeliano Maariv pubblica un'immagine presa dalla
    >telecamera di bordo durante la telefonata tra Sharon e Ramon":
    Oh great, the Italian version of the Enquirer!
    I remember seeing the issue of the Enquirer back in '86 that contained the
    "newly uncovered cockpit voice tapes of Challenger" that purported to have
    most of the crew (and of course Christa McAuliffe) conscious and panicking
    as they plummeted towards the ocean.  The last words were of course
    McAuliffe's, along the lines of "Oh my God, we are going to hit the water!"
    Please remember to judge the source before you judge the "evidence."
    Most of us here are smart enough to do that.
    I think most of you are smarter than I am, at least.
    Humbly submitted,
    Tim Rogers
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