Re: Cannot get Rick's photos

From: Edward Lyons (
Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 05:53:52 EST

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    > Well I don't know what this shows, but it certainly doesn't seem to show a
    > Space Shuttle wing. Neither does this have the markings of a Shuttle wing,
    > nor the shapes, nor the special characteristics that were unique to
    > Columbia and thus would help identifying it here. All I'm seeing is a
    > blob with blackish smear that could be anything, just not a Shuttle wing
    > with "cracks" in it.
    I have seen the video sequence this frame comes from. It was shown briefly
    on the digital BBC News 24 channel here in the UK. It was on for only a few
    seconds, and I have not seen it repeated so far so I was unable to capture
    it on video. It is a genuine frame from a Shuttle video camera, not a
    doctored image as has been suggested elsewhere. I was unable to make enough
    sense of the contents of the sequence to identify exactly which parts of the
    vehicle are being shown. Has anyone else seen this video sequence?
    Eddie Lyons
    Portsmouth, UK
    50.8540N 001.0690W 15m asl
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